Our governance structure

Orapuh, Inc.

Orapuh is governed by an international Oversight and Academic Board (OAB), whose 5 members are the President/CEO, the Director of Administration & Finance (DAF), and 3 other members derived from accomplished international scholars with many years of combined professional and academic experiences and research pedigree in the niche of the organization (oral and public health).


Our full-time staff (members), telecommuting officers, and numerous volunteers are erudite scholars of international pedigree operating from universities, colleges, hospitals, research institutions, and homes in Africa, Europe, North America, and Asia and are associated with, at least one of, our affiliated entities.

Affiliated Entities

Orapuh’s 5 affiliated entities are governed in the following ways:

Orapuh School (OS): is run by the President, Registrar, and a few Faculties

Orapuh Journal (Orap. J.) and Orapuh Literature Reviews (Orap. Lit. Rev.): are superintended and managed by the Editor-in-Chief, assisted by the Editorial Boards (an Editorial Board for each journal) made up of erudite scholars in the niche of the Organisation

Orapuh CPD Academy (OCPDA): is run by the College of Scholars (OCS)

Orapuh College of Scholars (OCS) is run by the President, Registrar, Chief Fellow (CF), Deputy Chief Fellow (DCF)/Secretary, and Finance Officer (FO) leads most of Orapuh’s scholarly initiatives and gives expression to the Orapuh concept.