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Welcome to our website! Our online-only Dental and Public Health School is located in Africa and offers a range of programmes and courses to help you acquire the knowledge and skills you need to succeed in your career or practice.

Our programmes include general dental and public health short courses, basic dental and public health certificate programmes, and graduate dental and public health diploma programmes. Each programme is tailored to help you launch and sustain an enduring business or career, so you can make a meaningful contribution to the 21st-century economy in resource-limited contexts.

About Orapuh School 

Orapuh School, also known as École Orapuh, was established by a team of renowned oral and public health scholars with years of experience teaching at universities across Africa, Asia, Europe, and North America. Drawing on the latest research, practice, and policy evidence, the school has developed a cutting-edge curriculum that combines traditional and innovative components. These unique programmes are designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills they need to launch or enhance their careers or businesses in oral or public health.

Orapuh School provides a convenient and accessible way for people to gain practical skills and expertise from the comfort of their homes. Its online-only platform allows students to learn at their own pace and on their own schedule, with the flexibility to balance their studies with other commitments. By enrolling in one of our programme, students can gain the tools and resources they need to succeed in the 21st-century economy and contribute to improving access to quality healthcare in resource-limited contexts.

At Orapuh School, we are committed to providing an exceptional educational experience that is grounded in excellence, innovation, and a global perspective. Our experienced faculty and staff are dedicated to helping each student achieve their full potential and make a positive impact in their communities.

Quality Assurance Policy

Orapuh School (École Orapuh) is a pioneering online and distance-learning platform dedicated to providing high-quality education in the often-overlooked fields of oral and public health at an affordable price point. The school is committed to delivering excellent services and ensuring maximum customer satisfaction for all stakeholders. To achieve this, the school adheres strictly to all statutory, regulatory, and implied standards laid down by key stakeholders, treating them as the bare minimum for operating the school.

In line with the expectations of stakeholders, the school continually seeks to improve the effectiveness of its Quality Assurance System (QAS) to ensure quality at all times. A President heads the QAS and oversees all activities of the system. The President considers feedback and input from other faculty members to establish the school’s Quality Objectives (QO) and reviews and revises them annually or as needed.

The school’s policy on Quality Assurance shall be communicated to all faculties through correspondences or periodic meetings. The President shall also review the school’s Quality Assurance Plan (QAP) regularly to incorporate feedback and meet the stakeholders’ preferences and needs.

Teaching philosophy

At this school, we focus on teaching, research, and mentoring of oral and public health students. Our faculties have been fortunate to receive guidance from professors of international pedigree, and they are aware that students have different learning paces. As such, they adapt their teaching styles to accommodate these differences. Our programme cover a broad range of topics, sometimes integrated with other disciplines, and our faculties have learned to pace their lectures accordingly. Our teaching methods involve activities, assignments, and other effective techniques to help students learn.

Our goal is to educate our students to synthesize and apply their knowledge to complex problems, understand and apply technology in innovative ways, and possess well-developed research, communication, and cultural sensitivity skills that align with contemporary health professional roles.

Strengths of the school

a) Rare curricular

b) Flipped Classroom Model of Instruction

c) Regular webinars – even after graduation

d) Small class size

e) Exciting field experience

f) Accessible recording of  lectures, interactions, etc.

g) Accessible Faculty 24/7

h) Excellent faculty and student support system

i) Life-long learning and career/business support opportunities (through the Alumni Association)

j) Scholarship (every student is on a 50% scholarship)

k) Flexible (use of social media, fits into everyone’s schedules, etc.)

l) Affordable (just a one-time enrolment fee)

Orapuh School Alumni Association (OSAA)

(Begin. Associate. Grow. Innovate)

After taking a programme at the school students graduate into the alumni association where they

a) Associate with like-minded, schooled professionals.

b) Receive ongoing business, information, and peer support.

c) Discover opportunities for networking, collaboration, and partnerships.

d) Set up or develop your dental or public health enterprise with innovative business-type-specific seminars that are available to Orapuh School Alumni ONLY.

OSAA contact: [email protected]

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