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The Organization

Orapuh, Inc. is a  registered oral & public health information, research, and education organization in The Republic of The Gambia.

Orapuh exists to give under-served populations swift access to astute education in the under-served biases of oral and public health disciplines.

The Orapuh platform is a strategic, quality, and best-in-class plinth specifically evolved to offer information, research, education, and other learning opportunities in the niche of the organization.

The name of the platform derives from the niche of the Organization. Orapuh stands for Oral and Public Health.

Our governance structure

Orapuh is governed by an international Oversight and Academic Board (OAB), whose members are derived from accomplished international scholars with many years of combined professional and academic experiences and research pedigree from the niche of the organization and some Key Executives led by the President/CEO.

The Orapuh College of Scholars leads Orapuh scholarly initiatives and gives expression to the Orapuh concept.

Our vision

To give under-served populations a swift access to astute education in the under-served biases of the oral and public health disciplines.

Our mission

To support the development of oral and public health manpower needs by catalyzing aggravated access to information, research, learning, and innovation in the under-served disciplines of oral and public health.

Our objectives

1. To help people live healthy lives through the provision of simple but superior information and education in oral and public health disciplines

2. To provide unencumbered and speedy access to oral and public health information, research and innovation

3. To provide the public with flexible and affordable oral and public health learning opportunities

4. To promote the oral and general health of people in under-served populations

5. To promote basic, secondary, and tertiary (higher) education in oral and public health

6. To partner with national and international bodies to provide oral and public health information, education, and services

7. To do any other thing that contributes to the vision and mission of the Organization

Core values

The Mission and Vision of Orapuh are guided by a commitment to the following values:

Simplicity in delivery

Flexibility in schedules

Quality in all processes

Integrity in all operations

Synergy to promote astute engagement

What we do differently

1. We focus, exclusively, on the oral health and public health domains

2. We have an uncompromising resolve to offer, only, under-served information, research, innovation, and education and to under-served populations

3. We prime astute research as a tool for advancing knowledge and societal transformation