Certificate in Dental Facility Management Catalogue

This programme is a 3 months online certificate course designed to facilitate a specialised education of learners in the astute dental facility management techniques so they can lead a dental resource management revolution that would improve access to, and utilisation of, dental services, especially in resource-limited contexts.

Course Objectives

1. To educate learners about how to manage dental facilities and related projects

2. To produce graduates who would improve access to oral healthcare through the evolution of dental and related practices in their contexts of influence

3. To equip learners for future professional development, self-actualization, and practice management

4. To educate learners on the ability to cooperate with individuals, teams or groups and specialists in patient/client care and appropriate referrals






PC1-011 1 The Dental Facility
PC1-012 3 Fundamentals of Management
PC1-013 3 Processes & Quality Improvement
PC1-014 3 Factors of Production
PC1-015 3 The Revolving and other Funds
PC1-016 1 Branding, Markets & Moral value
PC1-017 6 DFM Practicum

Module Outlines

PC1-011: The Dental Facility 

This module introduces the learner to the concept of the Dental Facility and teaches how to become a dental entrepreneur (start own dental business) or enhance the operations of a present work place. It explores cost-effective organization and business models and the steps in birthing or boosting a dental business.

PC1-012: Fundamentals of Management

This module teaches the basic principles of management that the learner can apply to a dental business. It details the resources that can be managed in a dental facility and suggests the best type of management that ensures success in a dental business.

PC1-013: Processes and Quality Improvement

The operations of a dental facility depend on its processes. Processes differ from facility to facility. This module introduces the learner to the basic processes that should exist in a dental facility and teaches how to improve on the quality of delivery to enhance productivity or attract new clients.

PC1-014: Factors of Production

This module explores the interplay between the factors of production and a dental business. It teaches the mobilization, deployment, and optimization of land, labour, capital and entrepreneurship to maximize productivity and profit and to minimize redundancy and loss.

PC1-015: The Revolving and other Funds

This module teaches the learner how to mobilise funds for, and retain same in, a dental business. It teaches how to commit funds to the business and grow that initial seed to maximum capacity.

PC1-016: Branding, Markets & Moral values

This module teaches the learner how to create, sustain and promote a dental brand to achieve optimum market visibility, great customer patronage and niche-recognition. It also delves into how to continually improve your products or introduce new products into the market and operate within the confines of legal and regulatory frameworks.

PC1-017: DFM Practicum  

This is the capstone. The learner is expected to carry out a specified practicum and present the report of the work in a class situation.

Available Cohorts 

Plan to join a cohort that is most suitable for your time and budget.

1. Session 2022/1: January 10 – April 2, 2022

2. Session 2022/2: April 4 – June 25, 2022

3. Session 2022/3: June 27 – September 17, 2022

4. Session 2022/4: September 19 – December 10, 2022

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