Certificate in Dental Facility Management Catalogue

Dental Facility Management is the art and science of planning, controlling, coordinating, and directing dental facility resources/business activities to achieve the corporate goal of the facility.

Programme Description

This programme is a 3 months (12 weeks) online certificate course designed to facilitate a specialised education of learners in the astute dental facility management techniques so they can lead a dental resource management revolution that would improve access to, and utilisation of, dental services, especially in resource-limited contexts.

Programme Objectives

1. To educate learners about how to manage dental facilities and related projects

2. To produce graduates who would improve access to oral healthcare through the evolution of dental and related practices in their contexts of influence

3. To equip learners for future professional development, self-actualization, and practice management

4. To educate learners on the ability to cooperate with individuals, teams or groups and specialists in patient/client care and appropriate referrals

Teaching Target

The teaching target of the Certificate in Dental Facility Management (CDFM) programme is to help learners to grasp the basic knowledge and skills needed to master the basic technology of Dental Facility Management, manage dental facilities, and establish the foundation for a sound managerial and capitalist entrepreneurial dental facility engagement enterprise.






The Dental Facility 


Fundamentals of Management


Processes & Quality Improvement


Factors of Production


The Revolving and other Fund


Branding, Markets & Moral value


CDFM Capstone (Practicum/Field Work)
Other components of the CDFM curriculum




Developing your personal career strategy


We are the Future


Designing and Developing Healthcare Facilities & Programmes


Stress and our Health and Illness States


Communication in Health Education Programmes


Anxiety Disorders


Diagnosis of Oral Disease: History Taking


Diagnosis of Oral Disease: Routine Physical Examination


Diagnosis of Oral Disease: Choosing & Ordering Investigations


Working in Resource-Limited Settings

Programme Plans

There are three (3) plans in this programme – Regular Plan, Career Boost Plan, and Business Plan. The details of each plan are given below. You should choose the plan that you intend to run during your application. Notice that the enrolment fee differs with each plan (https://orapuh.org/fees).

How to Picture this Programme

There are a number of ways to picture the Certificate in Dental Facility Management experience; a few of them are:

  1. As a core training/practice programme
    Chances are that you feel this course is not too related to your career. But that is not true. In fact, the course is at the heart of your future practice. You cannot practice effectively without managing your practice well.
  2. As a programme in entrepreneurial capitalism
    After taking this programme, you could start your own dental business and build it until it becomes a profitable and enduring dental business that is sustainably prominent in the marketplace
  3. As a programme in Administration
    The knowledge and skills that you gain from this programme could help you to enhance viability, productivity, and sustainability in your present workplace or other facilities that you manage
  4. As a programme in Business Administration Business strategies and methods are freely taught throughout each course of the programme. The knowledge and skills you acquire during the programme would help you to begin and/or boost your business or career and optimise them to maximise profit and minimise loss
  5. As a programme in management
    The principles of management are universal. The knowledge you harness from this programme will help you in other ways. All you need to do is customize this information and manage whatever project, facility, programme, office, etc. you find yourself in, effectively.
  6. As a programme in teaching
    Dental Facility Management is designed to illustrate general principles in management. These principles can be applied anywhere, any day. And they work! The course prepares you to teach others these principles. All you need to do is adapt the teaching to the peculiarities of your context. Today, you are being taught Dental Facility Management, tomorrow, you could be teaching others!
  7. As a programme in learning to reason critically
    The challenging presentations of scenarios in lectures catalyze critical reasoning in learners. The field practicum trips keep students thinking and desiring more experiences. Weekly lectures also stimulate the same feelings in students.
  8. As a programme in learning to generalize
    The Dental Facility is a microcosm of other bigger medical/health facilities. Managing the Dental Facility effectively inspires the trust that one could manage bigger facilities. This impression is a true feeling. This programme encourages you to think along that line.
  9. As a programme in ethics and jurisprudence
    A course in this programme deals with moral values and empowers and encourages learners to operate dental practices within legal and regulatory frameworks.
  10. As a programme in human resource management
    In this programme, you will learn to manage human resources within the environment of the dental facility, and by extension, just about any health or related resource
  11. As a programme in finance
    The course that deals with funding the Dental Facility teaches the general doctrine of fundraising for, and management in, projects.
  12. As a programme in sales
    Marketing and branding are succinctly taught in this programme. If you can brand a Dental Facility and market your facility’s products and services successfully, you can sell any product or service!

Projected Prospects after Taking this Programme

After taking this course, a learner should be able to

  1. Manifest increased dental facility management knowledge and skills
  2. Land a new job or promotion, or enhance their CV
  3. Possess sharpened skills
  4. Attract a salary raise
  5. Start a dental business/organization or improve the revenue generation, organization, and operations of an existing facility
  6. Enhance the operations of their own business/organization or their present work place
  7. Use their knowledge and skills to manage any health facility or project
  8. Help society better or give back to society

Available Cohorts 

Plan to join a cohort that is most suitable for your time and budget.

1. Session 2023/1: January 10 – April 1, 2023

2. Session 2023/2: April 3 – June 24, 2023

3. Session 2023/3: June 26 – September 16, 2023

4. Session 2023/4: September 18 – December 9, 2023

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