Mastering Study Skills Catalogue

This is a 1 day (24 hours) intensive online proficiency course designed to equip learners with effective study skills, helping them to enhance their academic performance and manage their time efficiently.

The course covers various study techniques, time management strategies, and ways to reduce exam stress.

This one-day course is designed to be interactive, engaging, and practical, providing students with the skills they need to succeed academically.

Course Objectives

1. Develop effective study habits.

2. Improve time management and organisational skills.

3. Learn methods to enhance concentration and memory.

4. Manage exam stress and anxiety.




PP7-001 Understanding Your Learning Style
PP7-002 Time Management and Organisation
PP7-003 Effective Study Techniques
PP7-004 Preparing for Exams
PP7-005 Managing Stress and Maintaining Well-being

How we teach this course

This course is taught and assessed entirely (100%) online.

We utilise the Flipped Classroom Model of Instruction, using the best available, cost-effective media (WhatsApp, Telegram, & YouTube).

  1. We assign pre-recorded lecture audios and videos and other resources as homework to be watched or engaged before class.
  2. Students make their own notes or jot down major points and may also consult materials outside of school resources for better understanding of lessons and to enrich their notes/jottings.
  3. We spend classroom time on valuable activities like review of lecture and/or other resources, discussions, Q & A, real-life applications, and projects.
  4. A live interactive session holds at the end of the course. The session runs for about 45 minutes to 1 hour

Requirements for this course

1. Interest in mastering study skills

2. Ability to read and write effectively in the English Language

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Course Fee

  1. The Gambia: D660 (GMD)
  2. Nigeria: N10,050 (NGN)
  3. Other countries: $10 (USD)

Prospects after Taking this Course

After taking this course, a learner should be able to

  1. Manifest enhanced study skills
  2. Possess sharpened time and stress management skills
  3. Succeed in your studies

Available Cohorts 

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