Research Ethics Board

The Orapuh Research Ethics Board (OREB) reviews every research proposal and gives approval before the research is conducted at Orapuh. It  also monitors the conduct and outcomes of an approved research.

Click here to read policy that guides the operations of OREB

OREB Forms

1. Click here (Orapuh Research Proposal FormORP Form) to submit a research proposal to the Board for review (general Original and Review papers, Method papers, Procedure papers, and Guidelines papers)

Papers that arise from the successful proposals that are submitted using this form are published in the journal of interest and that has jurisdiction over such academic work: Orapuh Journal (Orap J) – or Orapuh Protocols (OraPro) –

2. Click here (Orapuh Review Title Registration FormORTR Form)  to submit a special research proposal to the Board for review. 

The review submitted using this form is intended to be an Orapuh Review, publishable in the Orapuh Literature Reviews (Orap Lit Rev) –

3. Click here (AI Generated Content Review FormAGCR Form) to submit any piece of work in which you have obtained help from an Artificial Intelligence ChatBot, source, or System.

The AI written part of the piece would be reviewed by our experts for coherence, validity, consistency, and some ethical compliances.

To submit a piece of work for this kind of review, the aspect of the work that enjoyed enrichment from AI must be clearly indicated or acknowledged in the submission.

4. Click here Orapuh School Seminar Proposal FormOSPF to submit Orapuh School Seminar Proposal for consideration