Mini-Master of Public Health Catalogue

This programme is a 3 months online certificate course designed for persons who intend to acquire skills that are necessary for the basic public health understanding or practice to catalyse entities that may help curb health problems for individuals and populations.

Course Objectives

1. To educate learners on the basic principles and practice of public health

2. To produce graduates who would improve access to healthcare through the evolution of public health and related entities in their contexts of influence

3. To equip learners for future professional development, self-actualization, and practice management

4. To educate learners on the ability to cooperate with individuals, teams or groups and specialists in population health care and appropriate referral






PC2-011 1 Introduction to public health
PC2-012 3 Health Delivery Systems, Law & Policy
PC2-013 3 Principles of Epidemiology
PC2-014 3 Environmental Health
PC2-015 3 Health Promotion & Risks Reduction
PC2-016 1 Quantitative Methods in Public Health
PC2-017 6 Public Health Practicum

Module Outlines

PC2-011: Introduction to Public Health

This module introduces the learner to the concept of the Public Health and teaches how to become a public health entrepreneur (start own public health business) or enhance the operations of a present work place. It explores cost-effective organization and business models and the steps in birthing or boosting a public health business.

PC2-012: Health Care Delivery Systems, Law and Policy

This module teaches the health care delivery system, introduces to public health laws and encourages contributions to public health policy. It also distils the translation of knowledge and research findings into policy initiatives and statements, enhancing practice.

PC2-013: Principles of Epidemiology

This module introduces the learner to the concept and scope of epidemiology, and takes them deeper into the prospect of carrying out epidemiological surveys.

PC2-014: Environmental Health

This module revolves around the relationship between human health and environmental factors such as those in the immediate environment, work place, etc.; it also educates about how to enhance health by modifying those factors, for instance, through environmental hygiene.

PC2-015: Health Promotion & Risks Reduction

This module teaches learners about how to improve health and quality of life by empowering people to make informed decisions about issues that concern their own health. It also emphasises health education and intentional health risks reduction strategies.

PC2-016: Quantitative Methods in Public Health

This module empowers learners to understand and apply salient measures/metrics in the interpretation of health events or trends and apply that knowledge in the planning of public health interventions and initiatives.

PC2-017: Public Health Practicum

This is the capstone. The learner is expected to carry out a specified practicum and present the report of the work in a class situation.

Available Cohorts 

Plan to join a cohort that is most suitable for your time and budget.

1. Session 2022/1: January 10 – April 2, 2022

2. Session 2022/2: April 4 – June 25, 2022

3. Session 2022/3: June 27 – September 17, 2022

4. Session 2022/4: September 19 – December 10, 2022

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