Orapuh Postdoctoral Fellowship Programme (Orap Postdoc)

Orapuh College of Scholars (OCS) invites proposals from outstanding early career postdoctoral researchers in the oral and public health sciences wishing to pursue an independent (publishable) research project remotely.

Academic Mentor or Host

V. E Adamu, Ph.D., M.P.H., F.O.C.S. – Professor (Associate), Engelhardt School of Global health & Bioethics, Euclid University (Pȏle Universitaire Euclide) – www.euclid.int

If your application is successful, you shall be responsible, and report, to this mentor/host throughout the duration of your fellowship.

Duration of Fellowship

Two (2) years


  1. to strengthen experience of research
  2. to strengthen experience of teaching
  3. to develop the award holder’s CV
  4. to boost the prospect of obtaining a permanent academic post in a university
  5. to become a Fellow of the Orapuh College of Scholars
  6. to become eligible to mentor others

Priority areas

  • Industry 5.0 and healthcare
  • Supply chain management in healthcare
  • Creative economy and healthcare
  • Service management in healthcare
  • Sustainability and industry in healthcare


An applicant must

  1. Be a researcher from the oral or public health sciences
  2. Be a citizen of a LMIC country or have completed their academic work in a LMIC
  3. Be an early career researcher (within 5 years postdoc or post viva voce)
  4. Have Quality publications arising from PhD research
  5. Have excellent communication skills in the English Language
  6. Have proven ability to work independently within a research lab
  7. Be able to use a computer (especially Microsoft Office and online engagement software)
  8. Beable to use social media and other mobile online engagement tools and software

How to apply

  1. Conceive a research or innovation project within one of the priority areas
  2. Fill out the postdoc application form
  3. There is no closing date. Applications are assessed, accepted, or rejected year round

Required application materials

  1. Cover letter
  2. Resume/Curriculum Vitae
  3. Proof of Degree (attestation, notification of result, certificate, or transcript)
  4. Contact information for a minimum of [3] professional work references
  5. [Request one letter of recommendation be sent directly to: [email protected] (Subject: Postdoc Reference)
  6. Provide work sample (published papers, work samples, etc.)

How to apply

Send ‘1-6’ above to [email protected] (Subject: Postdoc Application)

Duties of a postdoctoral researcher

  1. Carry out independent research under the supervision of the mentor/host
  2. Publish peer-reviewed research locally and internationally regularly in ‘accredited journals’
  3. Present papers from ongoing research as will be organised
  4. Contribute to the research ethos of the Organisation
  5. Willingly participate in the events of the Organisation
  6. Give academic webinar to students regularly
  7. Contribute to the operation of a research laboratory (where appropriate).
  8. Make contributions towards the organisation and its goal to become an internationally acclaimed information-, education-, and research-intensive organisation


No funding is available for this fellowship. Therefore, accepted candidates will not be paid stipends or any allowances during the period of their fellowship. Plus, candidates will be responsible for funding their research and offsetting the cost of research communication.