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Your journey to Dental or Public Health career or business excellence starts here.

Orapuh School is Africa’s Premier Online, Open, and Distance Learning Research-Intensive Dental & Public Health School.

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Engage practical MSc- and MBA-level courses to gain the knowledge and skills to begin or boost your human health career or business or simply broaden your educational horizons.

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Certificate in Dental Facility Management

Designed to facilitate a specialised education of learners in the astute dental facility management techniques so they can lead a dental resource management revolution that would improve access to, and utilisation of, dental services, especially in resource-limited contexts.

There are 3 areas of specialisation in this programme.

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Mini-Master of Public Health

Designed for persons who intend to acquire skills that are necessary for the basic public health understanding or practice to catalyse entities that may help curb health problems for individuals and populations.

There are 5 areas of specialisation in this programme.

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Mini-Master of Dental Public Health 

Designed to teach the skills that are necessary for the basic dental public health understanding or practice and to prepare learners to become dental public health scientists/practitioners in resource-limited contexts.

There are 3 areas of specialisation in this programme.

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Diploma in Tropical Dentistry and Oral Health 

Designed for Dental Health Care Professionals (DHCP) who desire to acquire the knowledge and skills that are necessary for effective dental and oral health practice in tropical and subtropical contexts.

There are 3 areas of specialisation in this programme.

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Diploma in Clinical Global Health 

Designed for doctors, nurses, and other health care professionals who desire to acquire the knowledge and skills that are necessary for effective medical or health practice in the resource-limited settings of the world.

There are 3 areas of specialisation in this programme.

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What our graduates are saying …

I liked the following about Orapuh mMPH programme
1- The mastery of the subject matter by the Lecturers.
2- Their student-centred style of teaching.
3- Their patience with their students… Long Live Orapuh School, long live mMPH Faculty! You’re an answer to my long-aged prayers for getting a public health education. I still want to further my training with you, God willing. Thank you one, thank you all.
[email protected]
2022/09/17 5:43:30 pm GMT

The attention and responses I always receive each time I lay a complaint is second to none. The scope of the study cuts across some vital areas that I was overlooking. The study has given me a backbone to venture into surveillance systems, break the jinx holding some of my colleagues, including me, from moving ahead. I now have an edge over my contemporaries. I won a column in my hospital’s newsletter to publish one of the skills I learnt at the school (Teledentistry). I also got approval from a company to apply for oral hygiene materials… all because of the enlightenment that I got through this course. I have also learned to improve in my business packages. I am very grateful to Orapuh!
[email protected]
2022/09/17 3:22:37 pm GMT

The programme curriculum, the organization of the programme and the lecturing skills of the lecturers … I really learnt in this programme. It was a great privilege to be part of the CDFM programme
[email protected]
2022/09/17 1:09:39 pm GMT

The program is Swift, Astute and strategic. … the program is everything and more! … will surely recommend it for my peeps! The program was more than I expected.
[email protected]                      2022/09/17 11:10:24 am GMT

Method of teaching, advancement in knowledge, Lecture and lecture notes arrangement, time management… I am personally grateful for the opportunity granted me to be part of the program.
I really appreciate the faculty management, and the Orapuh School Gambia, I am delighted.
My intellectual horizon is widened.
More grease to your elbows …
Thank you and God bless.”
[email protected]
2022/04/13 3:06:47 pm GMT

I appreciate the following:
1) It is quite educative and every activity of the programme is well organised with time.
2) It helped me to understand the fundamental principles of general management both in the dental facility and every area of life.
3) Good understanding between lecturers and students.
The programme really helped me a lot. I could remember when I went to a dental laboratory for my practicum. There were many things about dental facility management that I helped them to put in place. In fact, they were very happy that I visited their laboratory and they learnt a lot from me.
[email protected]
2021/12/18 6:44:07 pm GMT

I love the follow up, design of the courses, which are simple and more business orientated, self-motivation and career building aspects of the training … I really appreciate the training; it was a good time passing through Orapuh School. The notes are more practical than theoretical – that will help me to design my personal business and have a new vision for my profession.
[email protected]
2023/04/05 2:55:32 pm GMT

Our commitment

We strive to provide underserved communities with access to quality healthcare by imparting rare in-demand knowledge and skills to our learners. With our flipped classroom model of instruction, regular webinars, and excellent faculty and student support system, you’ll have everything you need to succeed in your studies and beyond.

Together, apart

At our school, we learn together, apart! This is the future of education and entrepreneurial oral and public health education, and we’re proud to be a part of it. 

We offer flexible study options that fit into everyone’s schedule, as well as exciting field experiences and real-time engagement opportunities.

Why choose Orapuh School?

If you’re looking for a school that offers rare curricular, a small class size, accessible faculty 24/7, and a life-long learning and career/business support system, then you’ve come to the right place. Plus, every student is on a 50% scholarship, making our programmes affordable and accessible to everyone.

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