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This is a premium service of The Orapuh Community.


Membership of this society is open to to all

  1. Dental Health Care Professionals
  2. Public Health Scientists and Practitioners
  3. Community Health Professionals
  4. Everyone involved with any aspect of oral and public health management, teaching, practice, decision making, policy making, administration, etc.


  • Get valdated as a professional in your field by any authority or institution in the world
  • Become part of a working and active, learned society that you can trust
  • Get your name listed on the society’s membership register that can be accessed from anywhere in the world
  • Grow to become a fellow of the society – prestigious
  • Get a certificate for every continuing education programme that you attend
  • Publish in the Journals of Orapuh at a subsidized rate
  • Vote and get voted for at annual general meetings of the society
  • Participate in scientific conferences and all events of the society
  • Present papers at the scientific conferences of the society
  • Enhance your CV by listing that you are a member of SOPH (verifiable online)

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Annual Subscription Fee

The annual subscription fee for members of the society is $3 (USD) for undergraduate students and $5 (USD) for others.

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