Simple, Quality, and Best-in-Class Oral and Public Health Information, Education & Research

Orapuh is a non-profit international, independent oral (dental) and public health information, education and research organization that exists to give under-served populations in resource-limited contexts swift access to astute education in the under-served biases of the oral and public health disciplines.

We work to improve access to health information, catalyse health career skills, strengthen oral and public health education and research, and promote favourable health outcomes in resource-limited contexts.

We operate from universities, colleges, hospitals, research institutions, and homes in Africa, Europe, North America, and Asia.

Service Offering

Simple and quality offering from our focus areas – oral and public health information, education, and research.

“Being does not mean accepting what one is; it means creating another self that does not exist.” (J. Chateau)

Re-invent yourself with our offering …

Orapuh School

Fast and flexible learning to enable you to gain astute 21st-century health management skills to launch or enhance your career in oral or public health.

No relevant experience, degree, or travel is required.

Plan to join a cohort that is most suitable for your time and budget.

Orapuh Journals

Orapuh maintains two (2) strategic scholarly journals that are intended to project oral and public health information, knowledge, and researches to the population it serves:

Orapuh Journal (Orap. J.) | Journal of Oral and Public Health. 

Orapuh Literature Reviews (Orap. Lit. Rev.) |  Oral and Public Health micro texts.

College of Scholars

College of superiorly trained oral and public health professionals who are focused on advancing oral and public health education through leadership provision, advocacy, research, teaching, and mentoring in the niche of Orapuh.

The President, Chief Fellow (CF), and Deputy Chief Fellow (DCF)/Secretary lead the effort.

Fellowship Programme

Blended (virtual and physical), 1 academic year, graduate-level experiential research, professional, managerial, and leadership training programme that prepares early career, talented, and committed individuals in some under-resourced oral and public health areas for effective engagement of professional and scholarly activities and leadership in resource-limited contexts.

Scholar Master Class 

Telecommuting practical career, leadership, and managerial skills and research development programme for oral and public health students.

Students who are successful in all stages of the Master Class become Fellows of the Orapuh College of Scholars for life.

Research Club

Group of contextually connected individuals who come together to learn how to do research and carry out (publishable) researches, real-time. This way, they contribute immensely to health research data and information in their area and niche of operation.

Research products are published in the Orapuh Journal (Orap. J.).


Unpaid hands-on learning opportunities. Virtual internships are available and may be done from any location on earth.

Interns learn on the job (acquire life skills) and contribute immensely to improving access to oral and public health information, education and research.


Volunteers lend a helping hand in our work. They get flexible schedules at the work, including working from home. You can work from any location in the world. All you need is a laptop and internet access.

Volunteers help to improve our work with their talents and expertise.

Join the Orapuh Team

Orapuh Connect provides oral and public professionals with a number of opportunities to get involved with evolving astute ways to improve access to health information, strengthen oral and public health education and research, and promote favourable health outcomes in resource-limited contexts.