International, independent oral (dental) and public health information, education, and research organisation.

Selected Offerings

Orapuh School

Africa’s online-only Dental and Public health crucible of Managerial and capitalist entrepreneurship

Orapuh Journals & Repositories

Projecting Oral and Public Health information, knowledge, and research from underserved populations to marketplace prominence

Orapuh College of Scholars

Postgraduate College of Oral and Public Health professionals who are passionate about contributing astutely to scholarship and discourse

The Orapuh Community

Oral and Public Health discourses through academic and clinical meetings

Orapuh Press

Publishing electronic Oral and Public Health literature to improve access and utilization


We work to improve access to health information, catalyse health career skills, strengthen oral and public health education and research, and promote favourable health outcomes in resource-limited contexts.

Team members operate from Universities, Colleges, hospitals, and research institutions in Africa, Europe, North America, and Asia and are associated with at least one of our affiliated entities.

Memberships and Partnerships: