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This is the Orapuh Revolution.

“The will to make a difference knows no bounds” (Orapuh, Inc.)

Here, oral and public health meet innovation and empowerment. Founded by distinguished experts, Orapuh, Inc. is a non-profit organisation incorporated in The Republic of The Gambia but with a global reach.

Our goal? To revolutionise oral and public health in resource-limited contexts by democratising access to information, education, and research. Through strategic initiatives, Orapuh catalyses the development of manpower, services, and consumer products in the underserved disciplines of oral and public health.

What sets Orapuh apart is our unwavering commitment to astute scholarship, proficiency, and open science. We bridge the gap in knowledge by conducting groundbreaking research, disseminating crucial information, and providing comprehensive education and training to health professionals and communities in need.

Our diverse team operates on a global scale, with members spanning universities, hospitals, NGOs, and research institutions across Africa, Europe, North America, and Asia. Together, we champion evidence-based practices and equitable access to oral and public health resources.

But our impact extends beyond borders. Orapuh’s founders bring a wealth of expertise to the table, driven by a shared vision of making a positive difference in underserved areas worldwide. Join us in shaping the future of oral and public health, one empowered community at a time. 

👣 Reinvent yourself. Expand your horizons.

“Being does not mean accepting what one is; it means creating another self that does not exist” (J. Chateau)

School 🎓

Africa’s Premier Online and ODL Learning Hub for Research-Intensive Dental and Public Health Education.

Journals & Repositories 📓

Orapuh maintains three (3) strategic scholarly oral and public health journals, one (1) oral and public health academic repository, and some private repositories.

College of Scholars 🏛️

Postgraduate College of Oral and Public Health professionals who are passionate about contributing astutely to oral and public health practice, scholarship, and discourse.

Society for Oral & Public Health 👥

The global learned society for the discerning oral and public health professional.

Community 👨‍👨‍👧‍👧 

The interface between Orapuh and oral and public health stakeholders – students, academics, researchers, professionals, and industry influencers.