An International, Independent Oral & Public Health Information, Education and Research Organisation

We work to improve access to health information, catalyse health career skills, strengthen oral and public health education and research, and promote favourable health outcomes in resource-limited contexts.

We operate from Universities, Colleges, hospitals, and research institutions in Africa and Asia.



Contribute to Orapuh Literature Reviews

Contribute to oral or public health literature by initiating, reviewing, publishing in Orap Lit Rev, and updating the literature free-of-charge.

The literature you review may

a) be used as part of your project/thesis

b) be used for academic promotion

c) get cited or read around the world

To begin contributing, click here


Join the ‘Orapuh Research Club’

The Club is a group of contextually-connected individuals who come together to learn how to do research and carry out (publishable) researches, real-time. This way, you contribute immensely to health research data and information in your area and niche of operation.


Participate in the ‘Orapuh Fellowship Programme’ (OFP)

Underserved Professionals in some specific biases of the oral and/or public health disciplines who are at the early stage of their career may apply for a 1 academic year (telecommuting) Fellowship Programme of the Organization.

Accepted candidates become members of the Orapuh College of Scholars for life.

OFP is a blended (virtual and physical), 1 academic year, graduate-level experiential research, professional, managerial, and leadership training programme that prepares early career, talented and committed individuals in some under-resourced oral and public health areas for effective engagement of professional and scholarly activities and leadership in Society.

The programme presents the (much-needed) opportunity for personal and professional growth and development to individuals who need them.

Click here to apply for the 2021/2022 programme which prioritizes dental therapists, dental technologists, dental nurses and community health officers from English-speaking countries.

Further inquiries concerning the OFP may be directed to the Director of Administration & Finance (


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