Welcome to being.

We promote astute scholarship, proficiency, and open science in the field of oral and public health, with a particular focus on addressing the underserved biases in resource-limited contexts.

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The will to make a difference knows no bounds.

Being does not mean accepting what one is: it means creating another self that does not exist (J. Château).

We help to create a better version of you.

We are Orapuhians.

  • We operate with the philosophy of Orapuhism

  • We democratise knowledge and learning

  • We produce scholarly technocrats through a process called, Orapuhisation

Enjoy astute erudition from the comfort of your home. No hassles. No travels. Just swift access.

Our People

Team members operate from Universities, Colleges, Hospitals, Clinics, NGOs, Research Institutions, and SMEs in Africa, Europe, North America, and Asia and are associated with at least one of our affiliated entities.


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