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About the Journal

Orapuh Journal (Orap J)- ISSN: 2644-3740 is open access, internationally peer-reviewed online Journal of Oral and Public Health. The Journal exists to deliver simple, quality, and best-in-class, peer-reviewed oral and public health knowledge to oral and public health care professionals, educators, consumers, and the global community


Orapuh Journal aims to catalyze aggravated access to superior information and research in, and to encourage the development of new researchers/authors from, the underserved biases of the oral and public health disciplines.


Orap J prioritises original research, balanced, comprehensive, or critical review articles, good, evidence-based information, and interactive clinical and related content from the oral and public health disciplines.

Editorial assessments and peer-review process

Orap J (ISSN: 2644-3740) is edited by VE Adamu and supported by independent, expert peer-reviewers, who are themselves researchers in the niche of the Journal, and an international Editorial Board made up of oral and public health specialists from around the world. 

Our editorial and peer review processes ensure that submitted manuscripts are thoroughly reviewed for originality, significance, and niche-correctness. Take a look at our Editorial Policies and our Author Guidelines.


Orap J keeps Oral & Public Health Care Professionals and consumers up-to-date with cutting-edge information, especially in the underserved biases of the Oral and Public Health disciplines, to boost practice, education, and uptake of the relevant services. Here is why you should choose Orap J.


Orapuh Journal is owned and published by Orapuh. Orapuh is an international, independent oral & public health information, education, and research organization in The Republic of The Gambia.

Article Processing Charge (APC)

 1. African authors: $60 (USD) or 3600 GMD (N60,000)

2. Authors from other countries: $120 (USD)

3. Orapuh Scholars: $20 (USD)

4. Externally-funded research: $250 (USD)

Subscription charge

The Journal has no subscription charges.


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Open access policy, copyright, and license information

All articles in Orap J are open-access articles distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial 4.0 International License.

Authors of articles published in Orap J are the copyright holders of their articles. When they accept our terms of use, they grant any third party the right to use, reproduce, or disseminate their article freely without fiscal or registration restrictions.

Consequently, the full texts of all Orap J Articles are made freely available on the journal’s website and other third-party sites upon publication, free of charge.


All articles published in this journal are included in the LOCKSS and PKP PN archival systems.

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