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Why choose Orap J

a. We encourage new or upcoming researchers/authors

b. We welcome articles rejected by other publishers

c. Our (thorough) editorial process is swift

d. We focus, exclusively, on the oral health and public health domains

e. We have an uncompromising resolve to offer, only, underserved information, research, innovation and education and to underserved populations

f. We prime astute research as a tool for advancing knowledge and societal transformation

g. Articles may be periodically promoted by the publisher. This enhances article visibility and the likelihood of getting cited by more people

h. Authors retain the copyright of their article

l. The journal’s website is easy to use

J.  published articles are immediately available online

K. Editorial team is comprised of the best of industry experts, carefully selected from mainstream and the underserved biases of the journal’s niche

l. We have an excellent author support service

m. We respond to correspondences and queries swiftly

n. We work with you to ensure your paper’s success

o. We provide one click access to all your published articles