Here is information concerning fee issues at the school.

Admission Processing Fee (APF)

APF is $5 (N2080). The fee should be paid before trying to apply. Evidence of payment will be required during the application.

Enrolment Fee (EF)

Each programme costs a one-time EF of $125 (N52,550). No hidden charges. No Tuition fee.

Retake Fee (RF)

Each missed or failed summative activity attracts the sum of $12 (N5,000). To avoid this fee, do not miss any of the 7 summative activities and do not fail a summative assessment.

Referral Discounts on EF

Referral discount for enrolled students

1 student – full installments

2 students – 5% less

3 students – 7% less

4 or more students – 10% less

Commission on student referrals by non-students

Get a $5 (N2080) voucher each time you refer a student to the school that enrols successfully. Coupons accumulated over a number of referrals would assist you to take a programme at the school when you have earned an amount that equals the EF.

Group enrolment discount on EF

A group of employees or students (not less than 10) may register as a cohort to study at the school. When this happens, a discount of 15% applies to the EF of each student.

How to pay fees

Pay all fees here Get help: [email protected]

Refund Policy

All fees are non-refundable.