People with Orapuh short-duration dental or public health qualifications can work in various settings, including:

Dental Clinics: They can work as dental assistants or dental hygienists, assisting dentists in patient care, oral hygiene, and administrative tasks.

Public Health Departments: They can work in public health agencies or local government offices, focusing on community health promotion, education, and outreach.

Nonprofit Organisations: They may find opportunities in nonprofits dedicated to oral health and public health initiatives, working on programmes and campaigns.

Schools and Educational Institutions: They can teach allied dental or public health courses at vocational schools, community colleges, Schools of Health Technology or monotechnics/polytechnics.

Research Institutes: Some roles involve data collection, analysis, and research in public health or dental-related fields.

Healthcare Facilities: They can be involved in healthcare administration, quality improvement, or health education within hospitals or clinics.

Pharmaceutical or Dental Supply Companies: They can work in sales, marketing, or customer support roles.

Private Practice: Some individuals with short-duration qualifications may establish their own dental or public health practice.

Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Facilities: They can provide oral care to elderly residents.

International Aid Organisations: Opportunities exist to work on dental or public health projects in underserved communities worldwide.

Keep in mind that the specific roles and opportunities may vary depending on the qualifications and certifications of the individual and local regulations. It’s essential to research the requirements in your area and seek the appropriate certifications if needed.

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