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Orapuh College of Scholars (OCS) is a Postgraduate College of Oral and Public Health professionals who are passionate about contributing astutely to oral and public health scholarship and discourse.

Governance and Structure

The College is overseen by an Oversight and Academic Board (OAB) and run by the OCS Leadership Team:

1. The President

2. Registrar

3. Divisional Directors

4. Chief Fellow (CF)/Secretary

5. Finance & Public Relations Officer (FPRO)

The College has 2 Divisions:

  1. Division of Oral Health 
  2. Division of Public Health    

Life at Orapuh

Welcome to the vibrant campus of Orapuh, nestled in the heart of global health innovation! As you step into this dynamic environment, you’ll discover a world dedicated to oral and public health, buzzing with learning, research, and community engagement. Learn more


a) Advocating for oral and public health

b) Providing industry leadership

c) Mentoring students and professionals

d) Involvement in active ongoing research

e) Publishing research outputs

f) Promoting oral and public health

g) Serving as Orap Lit Rev authors

h) Serving as Panelists at Orapuh School Alumni Seminars and other events

i) Networking with colleagues, individuals, training schools, ministries, government and non-government agencies and parastatals, professional associations, and other organizations

j) Evolving innovative ways to engage research and other scholarly activities

k) Catalysing Learning and Research Centres
Supporting the translation of research inferences into policies

l) Learning, growing, building great careers

m) Receiving life-long career support

Join the College

You can become a member of the College by:

1. Taking an Orapuh Scholar Master Class (for students)

2. Participating in the Postgraduate Fellowship

3. Doing a Postdoctoral Fellowship