Have you ever wondered about what happened to the copies of your research work or related document that you submitted to your school before you graduated?

Chances are that your work is sitting on a shelf, gathering dust!
There is even the possibility that your work – yes, your work – the precious academic work that you toiled day and night to put together with hard-sourced funds, has been thrown away to make room for newer submissions! Sad. No one will get to see that work any more. No one will know that you engaged that research or work. No one will ever cite that work. Your research product will never inform policies, practice, learning, and decisions. Sad.

Don’t watch your precious academic work go down the drain. Keep it safe online. Keep that document in a repository now.

Orapuh Academic Repository (Orap Acad Rep) helps to keep deposited oral and public health documents safe, make them available online for the public’s use, and make them visible in the academic oral and public health marketplace. This service is free-of-charge.

Here are academic documents that you can deposit in Orap Acad Rep:

1. PhD and Master’s Theses
2. Books
3. Book chapters
4. Academic publications (Journal papers)
5. Undergraduate essays and dissertations/research projects
6. Reports
7. Inaugural lectures
8. Bibliographies
9. Etc.

All documents published in this repository are included in the LOCKSS and PKP PN archival systems for long term preservation and perpetual availability.

Click here to submit a document for inclusion now.

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