Cape Verde has been declared malaria-free by the World Health Organisation (WHO), joining the league of 43 countries and 1 territory that have eliminated malaria from their countries.

Cape Verde is the third African country to achieve this feat. The rest of malaria-ridden Africa needs to sit up. With the right strategies, we can kick malaria out of our continent forever.

Let us build resilient and effective public health structures that can help with

1. widespread distribution of insecticide-treated bed nets

2. ensuring effective use of indoor residual spraying

3. granting access to prompt and accurate diagnosis, and consistent availability of antimalarial drugs

4. public health campaigns to educate communities about preventive measures

5. engaging with communities on malaria issues

6. building and maintaining strong malaria surveillance systems

7. international collaboration and canvassing for support

We can do it. Yes, we can!

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