Orapuh Clinical Case Reviews (OCliCR) is a retrospective review programme designed to evaluate clinical care across diverse healthcare facilities and professionals, especially in resource-limited settings. The aim is to assess practice strengths, explore alternative care approaches, and prioritize patient consent and anonymity.

Policy Objectives

  1. Patient Anonymity: Protect patient identity at all times, especially when handling images.
  2. Professional Evaluation: Assess care given against specific standards.
  3. Quality Improvement: Identify areas of improvement in patient care and outcomes.
  4. Education: Provide learning opportunities for healthcare professionals through case reviews.

Policy Guidelines

Patient Anonymity and Consent

  • Obtain explicit patient consent before conducting reviews.
  • Avoid disclosing any information that could unveil patient identity.
  • Ensure images of affected areas do not compromise patient anonymity.

Review Criteria

  1. Patient’s Level of Care: Evaluate the adequacy of care provided.
  2. Intensity of Treatment: Assess the appropriateness of treatment intensity.
  3. Other Care Specifications: Examine other care aspects such as medication, therapy, etc.

Questions for Evaluation

a) Was the care given ordered?
b) Was the care given provided by a qualified healthcare personnel or organisation?
c) Was the care given appropriate?
d) Was the care given necessary?

Appraisal Points

i. Patient care
ii. Documentation
iii. Harm (actual or potential)
iv. Overall case rating

Report Structure (MS Word)

  • Abstract: Summarize the case in 150 words or less.
  • Introduction: Provide an overview of the case problem and introduce the patient.
  • Case: Detail patient description, history, examination results, tests, treatment plan, expected and actual outcomes.
  • Discussion: Explore the case’s significance, connect to existing literature, and discuss implications.
  • Conclusion: Summarize key points and provide recommendations.
  • References: Alphabetically listed in APA (7th edition) style.

Presentation Format (MS PowerPoint)

  • Adhere to the provided PowerPoint Template for proper formatting.
  • Presentation time: 20 minutes.

Appraisal Time

  • 40 minutes for comprehensive evaluation.


  • MS Word format reports should be archived at


OCliCR is an essential programme for improving healthcare practices through reflective analysis and continuous learning. Adherence to this policy ensures the integrity of the review process while promoting quality care and patient safety.

This policy serves as a guideline for conducting Orapuh Clinical Case Reviews (OCliCR) effectively and ethically. Compliance with this policy is mandatory for all healthcare professionals participating in the OCliCR programme.