Orapuh is an international independent oral and public health information, education, and research organisation committed to upholding the highest ethical standards and integrity in all our operations. This policy outlines our dedication to fostering trust, accountability, and transparency in our relationships and endeavors.

Policy Statement

Orapuh is unwavering in its commitment to integrity, believing it to be foundational to our organisation’s credibility, trustworthiness, and long-term success. We pledge to conduct all our operations with honesty, transparency, and accountability, reflecting our core values in every interaction and decision.


  1. Trust: To build and maintain trust among stakeholders by demonstrating integrity in all our actions and communications.
  2. Accountability: To hold ourselves accountable for our decisions, actions, and outcomes, taking responsibility for our contributions to oral and public health.
  3. Transparency: To be transparent in our operations, sharing information openly with stakeholders and the public to build understanding and trust.

Implementation Strategies

Ethical Conduct

  • Establish and adhere to a code of conduct that outlines the ethical principles and standards expected of all Orapuh staff and stakeholders.
  • Provide ethics training and resources to educate staff on ethical decision-making and integrity in their roles.

Transparency and Communication

  • Maintain open lines of communication with stakeholders through regular updates, newsletters, and public disclosures.
  • Establish clear processes for handling inquiries, complaints, and feedback from stakeholders in a transparent and timely manner.

Accountability Mechanisms

  • Implement systems for monitoring and evaluating our operations to ensure compliance with ethical standards and organisational policies.
  • Establish a whistleblowing policy to encourage the reporting of unethical behavior or concerns, with protections for those who come forward.

Stakeholder Engagement

  • Engage stakeholders in discussions about our ethical standards, integrity initiatives, and ways to strengthen trust and accountability.
  • Solicit feedback from stakeholders on our performance in upholding integrity and use this feedback to inform continuous improvement efforts.

Monitoring and Evaluation

Performance Indicators

  • Compliance rates with ethical standards and organisational policies across different operations and activities.
  • Stakeholder trust and confidence scores based on surveys and feedback mechanisms.
  • Number and resolution status of ethics-related inquiries, complaints, or reports.

Annual Review

  • Conduct an annual review of this policy and its implementation to assess effectiveness and identify areas for improvement.
  • Involve stakeholders in the review process to ensure their perspectives are considered and valued.


Orapuh is committed to upholding integrity in all our operations, guided by our unwavering commitment to ethical conduct, transparency, and accountability. By prioritising these principles, we aim to build and maintain trust among our stakeholders, contribute positively to oral and public health, and uphold the reputation and credibility of our organisation. This policy serves as a guiding framework for achieving this commitment and will be reviewed and updated regularly to reflect our ongoing efforts and the evolving needs of our stakeholders.