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Orapuh maintains three (3) strategic scholarly journals and 0ne (1) public academic repository that are intended to project oral and public health information, knowledge, and research to the population it serves.

The Organisation also maintains some private depositories to keep some vital internally-generated scholarly works safe for future reference.

Developing New Authors

Orapuh Journal (Orap J) – 2644-3740

Orapuh Journal (Orap J) is open access, internationally peer-reviewed online Journal of Oral and Public Health.

Orap J delivers simple, quality, and best-in-class, peer-reviewed research, balanced, comprehensive, or critical review articles, good, evidence-based information, and interactive clinical and related content to oral and public health care professionals, educators, consumers, and the global community.

Orapuh Journal aims to catalyze aggravated access to superior information and researches in, and to encourage the development of new researchers/authors from, the underserved biases of the oral and public health disciplines.

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Spporting Teachers, Researchers, and Students

Orapuh Literature Reviews (Orap Lit Rev) – 2644-3651

Orapuh Literature Reviews (Orap Lit Rev) is open access, internationally peer-reviewed online Repository of Scholarly Oral and Public Health Review Articles specially crafted for students, researchers, and faculties.

An Orapuh Review is a standalone survey of current scholarly sources on a specific oral and/or public health topic to provide an (updated) overview of knowledge in that area. Reviews conducted by authors are published in Orapuh Literature Reviews (Orap Lit Rev) 

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Oral and Public Health Methods, Guidelines, and Procedures

Orapuh Protocols (OraPro) – eISSN: 2806-4828

This Journal would be live to begin accepting submissions soon.  Please check back again soon.

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Keeping and communicating your Academic Documents

Orapuh Academic Repository (Orap Acad Rep) – 2806-481X

Orapuh Academic Repository (Orap Acad Rep) is online repository of academic oral and public health.

The repository exists to keep deposited oral and public health documents safe, make them available online for the public’s use, and make them visible in the academic oral and public health market place.

Orap Acad Rep welcomes oral and public health:

1. PhD and Master’s Theses
2. Books
3. Book chapters
4. Academic publications (journal papers)
5. Undergraduate essays and dissertations
6. Reports
7. Inaugural lectures
8. Bibliographies

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Safeguarding internally-generated scholarly works

Private Repositories

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