Orapuh School maintains the following programmes to help people to acquire the skills that are necessary to begin or boost their career/business in oral (dental) or public health:

Certificate in Dental Facility Management (CDFM) – PC1

This programme is a 3 months online certificate course designed to facilitate a specialised education of learners in the astute dental facility management techniques so they can lead a dental resource management revolution that would improve access to, and utilisation of, dental services, especially in resource-limited contexts.

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Mini-Master of Public Health (Mini-MPH) – PC2

This programme is a 3 months online certificate course designed for persons who intend to acquire skills that are necessary for the basic public health understanding or practice to catalyse entities that may help curb health problems for individuals and populations.

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Enrolment Fee

The fee for each course is a one-time enrolment fee of $125 only. No hidden charges. No Tuition fee. No miscellaneous fees.

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Strengths of the programmes

I. Small class size

II. Accessible faculty

III. Accessible platform 24/7

Iv. Excellent student support system

V. Life-long learning opportunities

Vi. Flexible

VII. Affordable

VIII. Robust Alumni programmes

Philosophy of the programmes
These programmes are necessitated by the need to provide insightful leadership and management in oral and public health programmes in resource-starved/limited settings, especially in Africa.

The philosophy of the programmes is to grant access to practice-catalyzing information and the corresponding administrative and professional skills among underserved populations of the world.

Admission requirements
a. Interest in a course

b. Ability to communicate in English Language

Programme duration
Three months (12-weeks)

Structure of the programme
Each course is modular, structured into weekly reading, interactive, and activity components.

Each course has a practicum component, which is the capstone that summarizes the overall achievement in the course.

Teaching resources
The courses are offered entirely online.

Curriculum Activities
Each curriculum is deployed through weekly reading, interactive activities, formative activities, and summative activities.


1. Lectures are delivered by Dr. V. E. Adamu and Mrs. N. I. F. Eneojo

You may click on each lecturer’s name to see their profile and teaching pedigree.

2. Lectures are synchronous (face-to-face, but virtual)

3. The capstone (practicum) is carried out by each student and the report is presented to all in class

4. Lecture delivery is modular and sequential – from the course’s introduction to the capstone (practicum)

5. For each module, lecture materials are given

6. Students read the materials and note areas that require more explanations

7. Lectures hold on Saturdays. Each lecture is
– 45 minutes presentation and
– 15 minutes questions, answers, and interactions

8. Faculty-Student Forum (WhatsApp and Telegram) goes on 10 am – 4 pm Monday to Friday

Requirements for progression and graduation

A student must:

a) pass each module before progressing to the next. The pass mark for each module is 50%.

b) take and pass all modules in order to be deemed to have completed the programme

Assessment Criteria
Each course is assessed by formative and summative assessments. Formative assessments are not graded. Summative assessment for each assignment is graded over 100%. The pass mark for each module is 50%.

To ensure success, you should have

i. A laptop or mobile device like a smartphone

ii. Internet access

iii. The willingness to learn

Projected prospects after taking this course

A. New skills

B. New job

C. Sharpened skills

D. Promotion

E. Salary raise

F. Start own business or organization

G. Improved revenue

H. Enhanced CV

I. Help society better

Orapuh School Alumni Association (Begin. Associate. Grow. Innovate)

a) Associate with like-minded, schooled professionals.

b) Receive ongoing business, information, and peer support.

c) Discover opportunities for networking, collaboration, and partnerships.

d) Set up or develop your dental or public health enterprise with innovative business-type-specific seminars that are available to Orapuh School Alumni ONLY.


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