1. Purpose and Scope:
    • The Orapuh Research Policy aims to ensure the ethical conduct, integrity, and excellence of research activities conducted within Orapuh School, Orapuh College of Scholars, and the organization as a whole.
    • This policy applies to all individuals involved in research, including faculty, staff, students, and external collaborators.
  2. Orapuh Research Ethics Board (OREB):
    • OREB serves as the Institutional Review Board (IRB) for Orapuh and is responsible for reviewing and approving all research involving in the organisation. 
    • OREB ensures that research conducted at Orapuh adheres to ethical principles, regulatory requirements, and institutional policies.
    • Researchers must submit their research proposals to OREB for review and approval before initiating any study.
  3. Research Conduct:
    • All research conducted at Orapuh must adhere to the highest standards of integrity, honesty, and transparency.
    • Researchers must comply with relevant laws, regulations, and institutional policies governing research activities.
    • Research involving animals must comply with ethical guidelines and obtain necessary approvals from appropriate regulatory bodies.
  4. Conflict of Interest:
    • Researchers must disclose any potential conflicts of interest that could influence the design, conduct, or reporting of their research.
    • Orapuh has procedures for managing and mitigating conflicts of interest to ensure the integrity and objectivity of research outcomes.
  5. Data Management and Security:
    • Researchers are responsible for the secure and responsible management of research data, including collection, storage, analysis, and dissemination.
    • Data handling procedures must comply with relevant data protection regulations and institutional policies.
    • Researchers must ensure the confidentiality and privacy of research participants and sensitive data.
  6. Publication and Dissemination:
    • Orapuh encourages the dissemination of research findings through reputable journals, conferences, and other scholarly outlets, including those of Orapuh.
    • Researchers must ensure the accuracy, completeness, and transparency of research publications, including appropriate attribution of contributions and adherence to copyright and licensing agreements.
    • Orapuh may provide support for open access publishing in the organisation to maximize the impact and accessibility of research outputs.
  7. Intellectual Property:
    • Orapuh respects intellectual property rights and encourages researchers to protect their intellectual creations through patents, copyrights, or other appropriate mechanisms.
    • Orapuh may assert ownership or rights over intellectual property developed using institutional resources, subject to applicable policies and agreements.
  8. Research Collaboration and Partnerships:
    • Orapuh fosters collaboration and partnerships with external entities to enhance the quality and impact of research outcomes.
    • Researchers engaging in collaborative research projects must establish clear agreements regarding roles, responsibilities, intellectual property, and data sharing.
  9. Research Training and Education:
    • Orapuh provides training and educational resources to researchers to promote awareness of ethical principles, research integrity, and regulatory compliance.
    • Researchers must undergo appropriate training on research ethics, data management, and other relevant topics before conducting research at Orapuh.
  10. Monitoring and Compliance:
    • Orapuh will establish mechanisms for monitoring and evaluating compliance with this research policy, including periodic reviews, audits, and reporting requirements.
    • Non-compliance with this policy may result in disciplinary action, including sanctions, suspension of research privileges, or termination of employment or affiliation with Orapuh.
  11. Policy Review and Revision:
    • This research policy will undergo periodic review and revision to ensure its effectiveness, relevance, and alignment with evolving ethical standards, legal requirements, and institutional priorities.
    • Stakeholder feedback and input will be solicited during the policy review process to promote transparency and inclusivity.
  12. Policy Implementation:
    • Orapuh will establish procedures, guidelines, and resources to support the implementation of this research policy across the organization.
    • Responsible individuals and units will be designated to oversee specific aspects of policy implementation and enforcement.

By adhering to this comprehensive research policy, Orapuh reaffirms its commitment to ethical research conduct, academic integrity, and the advancement of knowledge for the betterment of society.