Quality Assurance Policy

Orapuh School is a platform established to be a leading online and distance-learning plinth that offers affordable, best-in-class education in the underserved biases of the oral and public health disciplines.

The school should be committed to providing quality services and mediating sound customer benefits to all stakeholders. In doing this, the school shall ensure that all statutory, regulatory and implied standards laid down by key stakeholders are strictly adhered to and held as minimum operating school rules.

As the need arises or as required by the relevant stakeholders, the school shall continually improve the effectiveness of her Quality Assurance System (QAS) to uphold quality at all times.

There shall be a President who shall be responsible for the entire Quality Assurance System of the school. This president shall be responsible for the entire activities of the Quality System.

The president shall consider suggestions of other faculties and establish the Quality Objectives (QO) of the school and shall also be responsible for reviewing and revising the QO of the school each year or as the need arises.

As a matter of necessity, this policy shall be communicated to all faculties by way of correspondences or periodic meetings.

The president shall be responsible for reviewing the QAP of the school as the need arises, based on feedbacks, and dictates and preferences of the stakeholders.

Teaching philosophy

This school is involved with teaching, research and mentoring of oral and public health students.

Our faculties have had the privilege of being mentored by some professors of international pedigree. They are conscious of the fact that students do not learn at the same pace, and they try to adapt their teaching style to the individual differences of our students. The oral and public health programmes require students to study across a wide range of areas, often integrated with varied disciplines for various course components. Faculties have learnt to pace their lectures, laced with activities and assignments and other effective ways to help students learn.

We educate our students to synthesize and apply knowledge to complex problems, understand and apply technology in more complex ways, and have well-developed research, communication, and cultural sensitivity skills in keeping with contemporary health professional roles.

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