Looking for ideas about what the Office of the President of Orapuh really does? Look no further. You will find that information on this page.

Here is summarised information about the roles of the office of the President in Orapuh:

  1. Strategic Planning: The president’s office develops long-term strategic plans for the institution, setting goals and priorities to ensure its continued growth and success.
  2. Financial Management: The office oversees Orapuh’s budget and financial affairs, making decisions about resource allocation, fundraising, and investments to support academic programmes and infrastructure.
  3. Academic Leadership: The office provides academic leadership by working closely with Orapuh Tribal Leaders, faculty and academic administrators to develop and maintain high-quality educational programmes. The office is also involved in setting academic policies and standards.
  4. External Relations: The office represents Orapuh to external stakeholders, including government officials, donors, alumni, and the local community. This involves building relationships, advocating for Orapuh’s interests, and promoting its reputation and contributions.
  5. Fundraising: The office plays a key role in fundraising efforts, cultivating relationships with potential donors and soliciting financial support for Orapuh’s programmes, scholarships, and capital projects.
  6. Institutional Governance: The office works with Orapuh’s Oversight and Academic Board (OAB) to establish governance policies and ensure compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.
  7. Campus Leadership: The office provides leadership and support to members, volunteers, contractors, collaborators, faculty, staff, and students, fostering a positive campus culture and promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion.