1. Purpose and Scope:
    • The Orapuh Intellectual Property Policy aims to define the ownership, protection, and commercialisation of intellectual property generated by faculty, staff, students, and collaborators affiliated with Orapuh.
    • This policy applies to all forms of intellectual property, including but not limited to inventions, patents, copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, and know-how.
  2. Ownership of Intellectual Property:
    • Orapuh recognises and respects the intellectual property rights of its creators.
    • Intellectual property created by Orapuh faculty, staff, or students within the scope of their employment or academic activities shall be considered the property of Orapuh, subject to applicable laws and institutional policies.
    • Intellectual property created by individuals not affiliated with Orapuh but developed using Orapuh resources or facilities may be subject to shared ownership or licensing agreements.
  3. Invention Disclosure and Assessment:
    • Individuals who create potentially patentable inventions or other significant intellectual property must promptly disclose their creations to Orapuh’s Office of Technology Transfer or designated office.
    • Orapuh will evaluate the novelty, utility, and commercial potential of disclosed inventions to determine whether to pursue patent protection or other forms of intellectual property rights.
  4. Patent and Copyright Protection:
    • Orapuh may file for patents, copyrights, or other appropriate forms of protection for intellectual property deemed to have commercial potential or significant value.
    • Orapuh will bear the costs associated with obtaining and maintaining patents and copyrights for inventions and creative works owned by the institution.
  5. Commercialisation and Licensing:
    • Orapuh encourages the commercialisation and transfer of intellectual property to benefit society and enhance the institution’s reputation and financial sustainability.
    • Orapuh may license its intellectual property to third parties, including industry partners, startups, and other organisations, under terms and conditions that maximize the societal impact and financial return on investment.
  6. Revenue Sharing and Royalties:
    • Orapuh will establish policies governing the distribution of revenue generated from the commercialisation of intellectual property.
    • Revenue sharing arrangements may be based on factors such as the contribution of the creators, the role of Orapuh in developing and protecting the intellectual property, and the costs associated with commercialisation efforts.
    • Creators of intellectual property may be entitled to receive a share of the royalties or other financial proceeds derived from licensing or commercialisation activities.
  7. Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure:
    • Orapuh will implement measures to protect the confidentiality and proprietary nature of sensitive intellectual property information.
    • Individuals involved in the creation, assessment, or commercialisation of intellectual property must adhere to confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements to safeguard valuable assets and prevent unauthorised disclosure.
  8. Dispute Resolution:
    • Orapuh will establish procedures for resolving disputes related to ownership, licensing, or other matters concerning intellectual property rights.
    • Disputes may be resolved through negotiation, mediation, arbitration, or other appropriate means, with the goal of achieving a fair and equitable resolution that preserves the interests of all parties involved.
  9. Policy Review and Revision:
    • This Intellectual Property Policy will undergo periodic review and revision to ensure its effectiveness, relevance, and alignment with evolving legal requirements, industry practices, and institutional objectives.
    • Stakeholder feedback and input will be solicited during the policy review process to promote transparency and inclusivity.
  10. Policy Implementation:
    • Orapuh will establish procedures, guidelines, and resources to support the implementation of this Intellectual Property Policy across the organisation.
    • Responsible individuals and units will be designated to oversee specific aspects of policy implementation and enforcement.

By adhering to this Intellectual Property Policy, Orapuh seeks to foster a culture of innovation, collaboration, and responsible stewardship of intellectual assets for the benefit of the institution and society as a whole.