When you publish with Orapuh Journal, you support open science. Open science is a groundbreaking approach that revolutionizes the traditional scientific process. It promotes transparency, collaboration, and accessibility in research, benefiting both scientists and the public. By sharing data, methods, and findings openly, open science fosters trust and credibility in the scientific community. Moreover, it accelerates the pace of discovery and innovation.

Orapuh Journal leverages digital technology to facilitate sharing, making research results widely accessible, and enabling global collaboration. It empowers dental and public health scientists and non-academics to engage with scientific endeavors. In an era of information sharing, this journal, priming open science, is essential for solving complex global oral and public health challenges.

Open science is a catalyst for progress, promoting inclusivity, collaboration, and credibility in research. Embracing open science is crucial for advancing knowledge and addressing the most pressing issues of our time.

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