Experts say using glass or stainless steel containers for water is safer.

Researchers found that bottled water sold in stores can contain tiny pieces of plastic called nanoparticles. These particles are so small that you can’t even see them under a microscope.

Nanoplastics, as they’re called, are super tiny and can move through our bodies, spreading harmful chemicals. The study discovered that a liter of water, which is about two standard bottles, had around 240,000 plastic bits. Most of these were nanoparticles.

Experts advise drinking tap water from glass or stainless steel containers instead to reduce exposure to these plastics. Nanoplastics are worrisome because they can get into our cells and organs, carrying harmful chemicals used in making plastic.

The study used a new technology to detect these tiny particles in bottled water. This opens doors for more research to understand the risks to our health better.

Experts recommend avoiding plastics when possible, like using glass or steel containers for food and drinks, to reduce exposure to these harmful particles.

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