Society and the process of socialisation make a man. As man interacts with the members of society and its various institutions, he evolves into a personality of character and values. The values, attitudes, and behaviours (including health values, attitudes, and behaviours) he acquires from the interactions ultimately determine his total state of well-being. Furthermore, the constellations of acquisitions can have a profound influence on his health.

Health is a way of life. How you deal with the variety of demands that are made on you can affect your health. How you relate to other people can affect your health. How you use your leisure time can affect your health. Your nutritional behaviour can affect your health. How you make use of the healthcare services available to you can also affect your health. Your health is a synergic function of the totality of your lifestyle!

Learning how to modify your lifestyle to promote and protect your health is a valuable skill that everyone should get involved with.

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