The Scholarly Concourse serves as a monthly gathering for scholars at Orapuh to foster mentorship, share knowledge, and discuss strategies to enhance academic and professional development.

Frequency and Duration:

The Scholarly Concourse will be held once a month. Each session will last for a maximum of three hours, including breaks.


All members are expected to attend the Scholarly Concourse. If unable to attend, members should notify the Registrar/DAF at least 48 hours in advance.


A detailed agenda for each Scholarly Concourse will be prepared by the Registrar/DAF and shared with members at least one week in advance. Members are encouraged to suggest topics or discussion points for the agenda.

Mentoring Sessions:

Senior members or guest speakers may conduct mentoring sessions during the Concourse. Mentoring topics will be aligned with the academic and professional interests of members.

Knowledge Sharing:

Members can present their research, projects, or any relevant information to the group. Presentations should be limited to 20 minutes to ensure time for discussion and feedback.

Strategy Discussions:

Discussions will focus on strategies to enhance the academic and professional growth of members. Feedback and suggestions from all members are encouraged to ensure diverse perspectives.

Code of Conduct:

Respectful and constructive communication is expected from all members. Discrimination, harassment, or any form of disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated. Members should adhere to the guidelines set by Orapuh.


The Registrar/DAF will be responsible for scheduling the Scholarly Concourse. Members can reach out to the Registrar/DAF for information about the schedule.

Feedback and Evaluation:

A feedback form will be circulated after each Scholarly Concourse for members to provide input. The Registrar/DAF will review the feedback and make necessary adjustments to future sessions.

Amendments to Policy:

This policy may be amended or updated as needed. Changes to the policy will be communicated to all members in a timely manner.


The Registrar/DAF will be responsible for enforcing this policy and addressing any concerns or violations. Members who violate the policy may face disciplinary action, including suspension or expulsion from scholarly activities. By participating in the Scholarly Concourse, members agree to adhere to this policy and contribute positively to the growth and success of the scholarly community at Orapuh.