Research Labs: Driving Innovation and Discovery

Orapuh Research Labs are at the forefront of scientific discovery, conducting groundbreaking research across a wide range of fields, from microbiology and immunology to health informatics and biotechnology. Led by renowned researchers and supported by state-of-the-art facilities and resources, our Research Labs are committed to pushing the boundaries of knowledge and translating research findings into tangible solutions that improve health outcomes and transform lives. Explore our Research Labs and discover the exciting research happening at Orapuh!

A research lab at Orapuh refers to a group of scientists that work together on research projects or a specific research area. A lab is named after the senior researcher.

We currently have 2 labs:

Prof. V. E. Adamu‘s Lab

Ongoing work

The influence of digital health on disease prevention and health promotion strategies (with Edwin E. Ewoma)

Contact: [email protected]

N. I. F. Eneojo‘s Lab

Ongoing work

The public health impact of edentulism (with Maryrose Abugu)

Contact: [email protected]

Click here to read Orapuh Research Labs Policy

Click here to read Orapuh Research Policy