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Welcome to the Department of Remedial Studies (DRS)

The department offers exciting online career incubation and business incubation remedial study opportunities for persons who intend to improve their career or business potentials.

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1. CRR    

Career Incubation Programme (CIP)    

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2. BUS

Business Incubation Programme (BIP)

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3. AWP

Advanced Word Processing (AWP)

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4. FI

Financial Intelligence (FI)

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Programme duration

One month (4-weeks) intensivem

Structure of a programme

Each programme is structured into weekly lectures (using the Flipped Classroom Model of Instruction) and activity components. Weekly academic webinars supplement learning.

Each programme has a practicum component, which is the capstone that summarizes the overall achievement in the programme.

Teaching resources

The programmes are offered entirely online. Students have access to the PDF versions of lecture slides, audio and video recordings of lectures, video lessons, memory aids, and links to other important learning materials.

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Curriculum Activities

Each curriculum is deployed through weekly lectures, reading, interactive activities, formative activities, and summative activities.

Requirements for progression and graduation 

A student must Carry out every activity in each lesson before proceeding to the next.

Assessment Criteria

Each course is assessed through formative assessments. Formative assessments are not grade. They only count towards the career or business in incubation.