Orapuh’s operations are governed by policies. Here are selected policies: 


Governance Code

Code of Conduct for OAB

Primary responsibilities of the OAB

Core values

Simplicity in delivery policy

Flexibility in schedules policy

Quality in all processes policy

Integrity in all operations policy

Synergy to promote astute engagement policy

Diversity to give every Orapuhian a plinth policy

Inclusion to give every Orapuhian a voice policy

Belonging to ensure that every Orapuhian is heard policy


The Orapuh Vision

Intellectual property policy

Disciplinary & redress policy

Generative AI use policy

Social media policy

Finance policy

Conflict of interest policy

Security policy

Freedom of expression policy

Academic freedom policy

Freedom of speech policy

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) policy


Digital operations policy

Remote work policy

Data governance policy

Press, journals, repositories, and other publications

Editorial and publication policies

Editorial Policies – Orapuh Journal

Editorial Policies – Orapuh Literature Reviews

Editorial Policies – Orapuh Protocols

Editorial Policies – Orapuh Academic Repository

Journal and repository editor compensation policy


School admission policy

School lesson delivery policy

School Quality Assurance Policy and Teaching Philosophy

School fees policy

Orapuh School EF payment plans policy

Orapuh School refund policy

Learning, teaching, and assessment strategy for Orapuh School

Orapuh School feedback and grading policy

Academic positions and promotion policy

Faculty compensation plan policy


Research policy

Research governance policy

Orapuh Research Club policy

Orapuh Research Labs policy

Orapuh Research Ethics Board (OREB) policy

Policy for developing Clinical Guidelines for Dental and Public Health Practice in resource-limited contexts


Oraposium policy

The Orapuh Tribe Colloquium (TOTC) policy

Scholarly Concourse policy

Orapuh Clinical Case Reviews policy

Orapuh Annual Lecture Series policy

Strategic Plans