1. Submission Guidelines
    • All assignments must be submitted electronically via the designated online platform.
    • Submission deadlines will be clearly communicated for each assignment.
  2. Grading Rubric
    • Each assignment will have a detailed grading rubric outlining criteria and point values.
    • Rubrics will be shared with students at the beginning of each session.
  3. Timely Feedback Schedule
    • Faculty members are required to provide feedback on assignments within one week of the submission deadline.
    • Extensions may be granted in exceptional circumstances, but must be communicated to students in advance.
  4. Feedback Quality Standards
    • Feedback should be constructive, specific, and actionable.
    • Faculty members should highlight strengths and areas for improvement, providing examples and suggestions for enhancement.
  5. Feedback Delivery Method
    • Feedback may be delivered in written form, audio recordings, or face-to-face meetings, depending on the preference of the faculty member and the nature of the assignment.
    • Feedback will be provided directly on the submitted work or through the online platform.
  6. Peer Review and Collaboration
    • Faculty members are encouraged to incorporate peer review and collaborative activities into assignments when appropriate.
    • Guidelines for peer review will be provided to both students and faculty.
  7. Continuous Improvement
    • The feedback and grading policy will be reviewed and revised annually based on feedback from faculty and students.
    • Updates to the policy will be communicated to all stakeholders.
  8. Training and Support for Faculty
    • Faculty members will receive training on effective grading practices, feedback techniques, and utilisation of grading tools or software.
    • Ongoing support will be provided as needed.
  9. Accountability Measures
    • Faculty members will be evaluated on their adherence to the feedback and grading policy as part of their performance reviews.
    • Peer reviews of grading practices may be conducted periodically to ensure consistency and quality.
  10. Communication with Students
    • The feedback and grading policy will be communicated to students at the beginning of each session through course syllabi and online platforms.
    • Students will be informed of expectations for feedback turnaround times and how to interpret grading rubrics.

This Feedback and Grading Policy is designed to ensure consistency, transparency, and effectiveness in the assessment and feedback process at Orapuh School. All faculty members are expected to adhere to these guidelines to promote student success and academic excellence.