At Orapuh, we adhere to the Charity Governance Code, which is primarily designed for charities registered in England and Wales but optimised for universal application.

Our governance code is as follows:


The Orapuh Oversight and Academic Board (OAB) ensures that Orapuh’s goals are clearly defined and effectively and sustainably delivered.


Orapuh is led by a strong OAB that provides strategic guidance aligned with the organization’s aims and values.


The OAB acts with integrity, upholding values and fostering a culture that promotes the achievement of Orapuh’s charitable purposes. We recognize the importance of public confidence and trust in charities, and our officials fulfill their duties accordingly.

Decision-making, Risk, and Control:

The OAB ensures informed, rigorous, and timely decision-making processes. We establish effective systems for delegation, control, risk assessment, and management, continuously monitoring their efficacy.

OAB Effectiveness:

The OAB functions as a cohesive and effective team, leveraging a diverse range of skills, experiences, backgrounds, and knowledge to make well-informed decisions.


We embrace diversity in our approach, recognizing its importance in enhancing our effectiveness, leadership, and decision-making.

Openness and Accountability:

The OAB leads Orapuh in maintaining transparency and accountability. We strive to be open in our work unless there are valid reasons for confidentiality.

By adhering to this governance code, we ensure that Orapuh operates with integrity, effective leadership, and a commitment to transparency and accountability.