Environmental Policy:

  1. Sustainability Initiatives: Orapuh is committed to minimising its environmental footprint by implementing sustainable practices in all operational aspects.
  2. Energy Efficiency: Orapuh will strive to reduce energy consumption by adopting energy-efficient technologies and practices.
  3. Waste Management: Orapuh will implement waste reduction, recycling, and proper disposal practices to minimise environmental impact.
  4. Carbon Footprint Reduction: Orapuh will aim to reduce its carbon footprint by promoting remote work, utilizing eco-friendly transportation, and offsetting unavoidable emissions.
  5. Conservation: Orapuh will support conservation efforts by partnering with organisations dedicated to preserving natural resources and biodiversity.

Social Policy:

  1. Community Engagement: Orapuh will actively engage with local communities to understand their needs and provide support through educational programmes and outreach initiatives.
  2. Diversity and Inclusion: Orapuh is committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace where all individuals are treated with respect and have equal opportunities for growth and development.
  3. Health and Safety: Orapuh prioritises the health and safety of its employees, volunteers, and stakeholders by providing a safe working environment and implementing health and safety protocols.
  4. Education and Advocacy: Orapuh will promote oral and public health education and awareness through various channels, including workshops, seminars, and online resources.
  5. Partnerships: Orapuh will collaborate with other non-profit organisations, academic institutions, and government agencies to maximise its impact and reach in the community.

Governance Policy:

  1. Transparency and Accountability: Orapuh will operate with transparency and accountability, providing stakeholders with access to relevant information about its activities, and decision-making processes.
  2. Ethical Conduct: Orapuh adheres to the highest ethical standards in all its operations, including fundraising, research, and partnerships.
  3. Board Oversight: Orapuh’s Oversight and Academic Board (OAB) will provide oversight and guidance to ensure the organisation’s activities align with its mission and values.
  4. Risk Management: Orapuh will identify and mitigate potential risks to its operations, reputation, and stakeholders through effective risk management practices.
  5. Continuous Improvement: Orapuh is committed to ongoing evaluation and improvement of its policies, practices, and performance to achieve its goals effectively and efficiently.

By adhering to this comprehensive ESG policy, Orapuh aims to fulfill its mission of promoting oral and public health information, education, and research while upholding principles of sustainability, social responsibility, and good governance.