A doctor who had terminal brain cancer a year ago is still cancer-free after trying a new treatment he created. His name is Dr. Richard Scolyer, and he is a famous pathologist from Australia. He is 56 years old and was diagnosed with a very aggressive brain tumor called glioblastoma. Normally, people with this type of cancer live only 12 to 18 months, but Dr. Scolyer is doing well after one year.

Before this, Dr. Scolyer had worked on treating skin cancer, particularly melanoma. He had developed a treatment using the body’s immune system to fight cancer cells. Although it was successful for skin cancer, it had never been tried for brain tumors. Despite this, Dr. Scolyer decided to try it on himself. He combined immunotherapy, surgery, radiotherapy, and a personalized vaccine for his brain cancer treatment.

Recently, he shared an update on his health on his social media account. He posted pictures of himself before and after a brain scan. The caption said that the scan showed no signs of the cancer coming back. He thanked his medical team and his family for their support.

Dr. Scolyer mentioned that even though he is doing well now, it doesn’t mean he is cured. But he is grateful for the extra time he has to spend with his loved ones. He is very happy with the results of his treatment.

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