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Contribute to oral or public health literature by initiating, reviewing, publishing an Orapuh Review, and updating the literature free of charge. An Orapuh Review is a standalone survey of current scholarly sources on a specific oral and/or public health topic to provide an (updated) overview of knowledge in that area. 

Orapuh Reviews are published in Orapuh Literature Reviews (Orap. Lit. Rev.) – ISSN: 2644-3651, an open access, internationally peer-reviewed online repository of scholarly oral and Public Health review articles specially crafted for students, researchers, and academics.

Aim & Scope

Orap. Lit. Rev. seeks to solve the prevailing dearth of superior and qualitative oral and public health scholarly literature in certain under-served biases of the disciplines by providing students, academics, and researchers with peer-reviewed ‘micro texts they can trust.

Open Access Information

All articles in Orap Lit Rev are open-access articles distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial 4.0 International License.

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