Research Club: Fostering Collaboration and Creativity

The Orapuh Research Club (ORC) is conglomeration of research groups comprosing contextually-connected individuals who come together to learn how to do research and carry out (publishable) research, real-time. This way, they contribute immensely to health research data and information in their area and niche of operation.

Orapuh Research Club serves as a vibrant hub of collaboration, bringing together researchers, students, and professionals from diverse disciplines to explore cutting-edge topics in oral and public health. Whether you are interested in epidemiology, health policy, community health, or biomedical sciences, our Research Club provides a supportive environment for networking, idea exchange, and interdisciplinary collaboration. Join a Research Group today and be part of the next breakthrough in oral and public health research!

To start, or join, a research group, contact the Director of Administration and Finance (DAF) at [email protected]

Click here to read Orapuh Research Club Policy

Click here to read Orapuh Research Policy