Orapuh Fellowship Programme (OFP)

Underserved Professionals in some specific biases of the oral and/or public health disciplines who are at the early stage of their career may apply for a 1 academic year (telecommuting) Fellowship Programme of the Organization. Successful candidates become members of the Orapuh College of Fellows (OCS) for life.

Orapuh Fellowship Programme (OFP) is a blended (virtual and physical), 1 academic year, graduate-level experiential research, professional, managerial and leadership training program that prepares early career, talented and committed individuals in some under-resourced oral and public health areas for effective engagement of professional and scholarly activities and leadership in resource-limited contexts.

The programme presents the (much-needed) opportunity for personal and professional growth and development.

Elements of OFP
a) Real-timementoring

b) Regular virtual sessions

c)Routin real-time interactions in the OFP Class

d) Multiple Orapuh-guided independent researches

e) Publishing of research papers

f) Publishing of regular professional articles

g) Scholarl leadership development

h) Adequate Fellow support

i) Social media engagement

j) Retention of primary profession

k) Concentration in a narrow area of interest

l) Exercises in professional and business writing and speaking

m) Scholarly and professional platforms engagement

Programme duration
OFP is a 1 academic year programme. A candidate must be available throughout the programme duration, regardless of the circumstances and all fellowship activities are compulsory.

Benefits of participating in OFP
1. A fellowship certificate

2. Sharpened professional and scholarly skills

3. Astute teaching, research, and analytical skills

4. Leadership and managerial skills

5. Perpetual membership of the prestigious Orapuh College of Scholars (comes with its own privileges and opportunities)

6. Continuous mentoring by industry leaders, scholars, and innovators

7. A life-long supportive peer-network of like-minded trained professionals

Fellowship is delivered using online channels, but researches, clinical and other activities may take place offline.

Learning mode
There are 2 learning modes in the OFP, the synchronous mode expressed in the regular virtual sessions, or face-to-face interactions, and the routine real-time interactions in the OFP Class, and the asynchronous mode expressed in the offline weekly activities, engagements and researches.

OFP focus areas
The fellowship has the foundation and some other general modules but it also has modules that are narrowed to focus areas, which candidates choose once they are accepted. Each candidate’s focus area becomes their area of specialization.

*Note that a candidate’s research and some other activities will be focussed on the chosen area.

Membership of the OCS
Each accepted candidate is a member of the Orapuh College of Scholars (OCS) and may use the post-nominal letters, ‘MOCS’ after their name. After the programme, successful candidates are formally inducted into the OCS as Fellows and will transition from using MOCS to using FOCS after their name. MOCS is the acronym for Member, Orapuh College of Scholars while FOCS is the acronym for Fellow, Orapuh College of Scholars.

OFP Chief/Chief Fellow
An OFP Chief/Chief Fellow would represent and coordinate all candidates in the day-to-day participation in the learning and interactive activities and in the OCS activities.

Journal Publications
All research output would be published in the journals of the organization.

Normal or professional articles
All normal or professional articles would be published on the organization’s website.

Fellowship certificates would reflect each candidate’s focus area and will be issued at the end of the programme.

2022/2023 Orapuh Fellowship Programme

Application for the 2022/2023 programme would open soon. Please, keep checking back.

Further inquiries concerning the OFP may be directed to the Director of Administration & Finance (registrar@orapuh.org)