Get rare and affordable dental practice and business skills and education from the comfort of your home. Enrol in the Orapuh School’s Certificate in Dental Facility Management (CDFM) programme today.

Dental Facility Management is the art and science of planning, controlling, coordinating, and directing dental facility/business resources and activities to achieve the corporate goal of the facility.

This programme is designed to facilitate a specialised education of learners in the astute dental facility management techniques so they can lead a dental resource management revolution that would improve access to, and utilisation of, dental services, especially in resource-limited contexts.

Programme Objectives

  1. To educate learners about how to manage dental facilities and related projects
  2. To produce graduates who would improve access to oral healthcare through the evolution of dental and related practices in their contexts of influence
  3. To equip learners for future professional development, self-actualization, and practice management
  4. To educate learners on the ability to cooperate with individuals, teams or groups and specialists inpatient/client care and appropriate referrals

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