Orapuh is an international independent oral and public health information, education, and research organisation committed to fostering a sense of belonging among all Orapuhians. This policy outlines our dedication to ensuring that every Orapuhian’s voice is heard, valued, and amplified in our decision-making processes and initiatives.

Policy Statement

Orapuh believes that a sense of belonging is fundamental to the well-being and success of our organisation and its members. We are committed to creating an inclusive and supportive environment where every Orapuhian feels that they belong, and their contributions are recognised, valued, and integrated into our organisational fabric.


  1. Recognition: To ensure that every Orapuhian’s contributions, insights, and perspectives are recognised and valued in our organisation.
  2. Amplification: To amplify the voices of Orapuhians by actively seeking their input, engaging them in decision-making processes, and promoting their ideas and achievements.
  3. Integration: To integrate diverse perspectives and ideas into our organisational strategies, initiatives, and activities to enrich our work and impact.

Implementation Strategies

  1. Open Communication
    • Foster open and transparent communication channels to encourage Orapuhians to share their thoughts, ideas, and concerns.
    • Implement regular check-ins, feedback sessions, and town hall meetings to provide opportunities for Orapuhians to voice their opinions and engage in dialogue with leadership.
  2. Inclusive Decision-Making
    • Involve Orapuhians in decision-making processes, project planning, and strategic initiatives to ensure their perspectives are considered and valued.
    • Establish committees, working groups, or advisory boards that represent the diversity of our Orapuhian community to provide input and guidance on key organisational matters.
  3. Recognition and Celebration
    • Recognise and celebrate the achievements, milestones, and contributions of Orapuhians through awards, spotlights, and public acknowledgements.
    • Create platforms, such as newsletters, blogs, or social media channels, to showcase Orapuhians’ work, stories, and insights.
  4. Community Engagement
    • Organise events, workshops, and networking opportunities that foster a sense of community and belonging among Orapuhians.
    • Encourage Orapuhians to collaborate on projects, initiatives, and research to build connections and strengthen our collective impact.

Monitoring and Evaluation

  1. Performance Indicators
    • Participation rates in organisational events, feedback sessions, and decision-making processes among Orapuhians.
    • Employee satisfaction and engagement scores related to belonging, recognition, and amplification.
    • Number and diversity of Orapuhian contributions integrated into organisational strategies, initiatives, and publications.
  2. Annual Review
    • Conduct an annual review of this policy and its implementation to assess effectiveness and identify areas for improvement.
    • Involve Orapuhians in the review process to ensure their perspectives are considered and valued.


Orapuh is committed to fostering a sense of belonging for every Orapuhian by ensuring that their voices are heard, valued, and amplified in our decision-making processes and initiatives. By prioritising recognition, amplification, and integration, we aim to create a supportive and inclusive environment where every Orapuhian feels valued, connected, and empowered to contribute to our shared mission. This policy serves as a guiding framework for achieving this commitment and will be reviewed and updated regularly to reflect our ongoing efforts and the evolving needs of our Orapuhian community.