The volume of effective information that your mind holds sets you apart from your peers and dignifies your later socialisation and civilisation.

Your value system shapes your capabilities and knowledge informs your capabilities. In the world of oral and public health science and practice, attending academic and clinical meetings helps intensify your routine competencies. The mind-changing and practice-enhancing information that such events offer transforms the professional values and skills of attendees.

An ignorant professional makes for an inept career. Near-fruitless efforts, shame, lack of enduring initiatives, absence of any meaningful impact, and empty future are the results an ignorant ‘career-walk’.

Orapuh runs more than one hundred (100) events each year. Our events educate attendees, portend good information, and catalyse open dialogue on salient oral and public health issues.

We hope that the thoughts we share would help shape oral and public health advocacy, innovation, technology, teaching, learning, policy, research, and practice.

If you are in the field of oral and public health, you should check the Orapuh events page ( often to keep steps with upcoming events. Attend the events and change your life forever.

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