1. Purpose The purpose of the Orapuh Annual Lecture Series is to foster knowledge exchange, promote innovation, and advance understanding in oral and public health, particularly within resource-limited contexts.

2. Scope This policy applies to all stakeholders involved in the planning, organisation, and delivery of the Orapuh Annual Lecture Series.

3. Objectives

  • To provide a platform for experts to share research, insights, and best practices in oral and public health.
  • To engage with local communities, healthcare professionals, and policymakers.
  • To promote collaboration and networking among professionals and organisations.

4. Selection of Topics and Speakers

  • Topics should be relevant to oral and public health issues in resource-limited contexts.
  • Speakers should be recognised experts in their field with a proven track record of contributions to oral and public health.

5. Planning and Organisation

  • A planning committee will be formed to oversee the organisation of the lecture series.
  • The committee will be responsible for identifying potential topics, speakers, and venues.
  • The committee will develop a timeline and budget for the lecture series.

6. Funding

  • Funding for the lecture series may come from donations, sponsorships, and grants.
  • The committee will be responsible for securing funding and managing the budget.

7. Promotion and Outreach

  • The lecture series will be promoted through Orapuh’s website, social media channels, and other relevant platforms.
  • Outreach efforts will target healthcare professionals, students, policymakers, and the general public.

8. Evaluation and Feedback

  • Attendees will be encouraged to provide feedback on each lecture.
  • The planning committee will conduct a post-event evaluation to assess the impact and success of the lecture series.
  • Feedback will be used to improve future editions of the lecture series.

9. Collaboration and Partnerships

  • Orapuh may collaborate with other organisations, universities, and institutions for the lecture series.
  • Partnerships can help broaden the reach and impact of the lecture series.

10. Code of Conduct

  • All speakers, attendees, and organisers are expected to adhere to Orapuh’s code of conduct, which promotes respect, inclusivity, and professionalism.
  • Any form of harassment or discrimination will not be tolerated.

11. Recordings and Documentation

  • All lectures will be recorded and made available online for wider dissemination.
  • All presentations, papers, and other materials will be documented and archived for future reference.

12. Review and Revision

  • This policy will be reviewed by the relevant Orapuh authorities when the need arises to ensure its relevance and effectiveness.
  • Amendments may be made as needed to reflect changes in Orapuh’s objectives, priorities, or operational context.

By adhering to this policy, Orapuh aims to create a meaningful and impactful Annual Lecture Series that contributes to improving health outcomes in resource-limited contexts.