One of the ways that the Orapuh School curricula is deployed is through weekly Academic Webinars. The service is also available as a paid premium service (AWPS) to persons outside the school.

The webinars supplement live sessions and recorded lectures and other learning materials for enrolled students. They also assist enrolled students and persons subscribed to the premium service to stay current with astute industry-specific developments, and personal and business/career management strategies.

Premium Service (AWPS)

Academic Webinar Premium Service (AWPS) costs 120 USD or 7,440 GMD (N120,000) a year.

The AWPS package includes access to all 48 weekly webinars in the year and the audio and video recording of each session.

Webinars take place from 8:00 – 8:25 pm WAT on Wednesdays.

To subscribe to this service, pay the subscription fee here and send an email to [email protected]

You may also contact the school team on WhatsApp or Telegram (+2207185516) for support and other concerns.

Next Webinar Schedule

Click our events page, here, to keep in step with upcoming webinars.