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Contribute to oral or public health literature by initiating, reviewing, publishing in Orapuh Review, and updating the literature free-of-charge.


As an Orapuh Review Author,

1. You get published

2. Conducting and publishing an Orapuh Review demonstrates your research or scholarly pedigree

3. You get cited by people from around the world. This increases your visibility in the market place

4. You help teachers and students to stay updated on a topic, and by so doing, you contribute positively to professional and academic development in your area of expertise

5. You may list the published papers on your CV – at the ‘Publications’ section

6. You may add the papers to your profile on Scholarly sites like ‘Google Scholar’, ‘ResearchGate’, ‘Academia’, etc.

7. You may use the review as a part of an academic project/thesis

8. Reviews may contribute to your securing an academic position

9. Reviews may contribute to your securing an academic promotion

10. If you are a member of the Orapuh College of Scholars, conducting and publishing an Orapuh Review may countribute towards your advancement at the College and at Orapuh, Inc.

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