Short remarkable stories about Malaria

  • Malaria is one of the oldest infectious diseases known to man
  • Malaria kills one person every 20-30 seconds!
  • Malaria killed many people in Britain, Italy, and Egypt before science could find a way around it
  • Malaria gave serious trouble to colonialists that were attempted to colonise or explore America and Africa
  • The allied troops had a close shave with malaria during the second world war
  • Malaria may have contributed to the decline and eventual collapse of the Roman Empire
  • Malaria prevented the habitation of most parts of Africa before the discovery of quinine
  • An estimated one million people die from malaria cases each year
  • Most of the people killed by malaria each year are children under the age of five years and pregnant women
  • Malaria has been eradicated from most of Europe and North America 
  • Malariais frequently imported into Europe and North America as people travel around the world
  • Malaria is endemic in many parts of Africa
  • Malaria is believed to be a crucial part of community life in places where it is endemic

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